Game Rules

Infinitely Simple

1..2..6 Designs believes in keeping things simple and low cost. With this in mind we developed the 1..2..6 formula, enabling you to launch your website within 2 weeks.
Our games rules are, in keeping with our company motto are also plain and simple:

  • Choose one of our unique designs for a website (€350,00) or webshop (€450,00)
  • Make a choice from the colours, fonts, add-ons and pages making use of the suggestions we have put together for you.
  • After we recieve your information, we’ll contact you confirming your choices and delving more in depth as to your requirements and wishes.
  • Send us your photos and text during the first week we’ll build the first concept for which you’ll recieve a link to preview.
  • After the fine tuning based on your input we’ll test your site for compatibility across platforms and screen sizes.
  • At the end of the second week your site will be ready to launch!